Author’s Visit: Wayne Library

img_3122My brother James, my cousins Zoe and Phoenix, my mom, and I went to the Wayne Library Branch. When we first arrived there, we met a lady. She showed us where to go. Then, we got some food from the summer food bus. Next, we went to a tent. My mom introduced herself and me. My mom started reading my book to us and the other people as we ate lunch. When she finished reading, it was time for questions. Then, I went into the seat and answered questions. One question I was asked was, “How did I make the book?” Another question was, “Why did I make the book?” It was easy answering the questions because I had been asked those questions before. Then, I closed my book. We put our food in our bags, and then we left. My mom gave a copy of my book to the library. I hope to write another book soon!

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