Book Illustrators

Illustrator – Anaís Balbás

Illustrated Dear Curly Hair for Brave Brothers Books

About the Illustrator

Anaís Balbás is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Venezuela. She spent most of her life in Puerto Rico, her mom’s birthplace, and she currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

She studied graphic design in Puerto Rico, earning a bachelor’s degree, but her passion is creating illustrations for children’s books. She loves bringing an author’s story to life through her illustrations.

Anaís also enjoys painting, knitting and sewing.

To see samples of her work, you can view her portfolio at

Illustrator – Erica Branch

Illustrated Ghost Text for Brave Brothers Books

About the Illustrator

Erica Branch has a Master’s of Fine Arts in Illustration and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Drawing. She joined the U.S. Army, and was commissioned as an Officer; after almost nine years of active duty military service, she is now pursuing her passion for illustration full time.

She currently resides in Louisiana with her husband and two French Bulldogs. Her work can be seen in Art Space, the Agora Borealis, and in the permanent collection of the R.W. Norton Art Gallery Museum in Shreveport, LA.

Click here to learn more about Erica and to view her portfolio.

Illustrator – Bob Clark

Illustrated – Mitsy Morte: Afterlife Attorney for Brave Brothers Books

About the Illustrator

Bob Clark is a writer, cartoonist, and storyboard artist from Westchester County, NY. He has written plays for over 20 years that have been performed in the Theatre in a Trunk program at Albert Leonard Middle School and other after school and summer venues. Mitsy Morte: Afterlife Attorney is his first published work. He is also available for scriptwriting and story art animation. His work can be found online at

Illustrator – Amanda Middleton

Illustrated – Little Curlies, Big Day for Brave Brothers Books

About the Illustrator

Amanda Middleton is a talented 32-year-old freelance digital illustrator born in California and raised in Northern Indiana. Although she didn’t receive formal art education, Amanda discovered her passion for art during the 2020 lockdown when she found herself at home due to local RV factory shutdowns and layoffs. During this time, she painted her first portrait and realized her natural talent for acrylic painting.

As a mother of two, Amanda faced time constraints and wanted to avoid the mess associated with traditional painting materials. This led her to explore digital illustration as an alternative medium. She quickly adapted to digital tools and techniques, delving into the world of digital illustrations.

Amanda’s journey as an artist continued as she spent a year practicing and taking lessons to refine her skills. With dedication and perseverance, she made her debut as a storybook illustrator. Her specialization lies in character and environmental concept design and creating full spreads that fully immerse readers in the worlds they are reading about.

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