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We love book reviewers. They give readers a glimpse into our books without giving away too much of the plot. Check out the book reviews we have received thus far. Also check out the book reviews our CEO, Shawnta Barnes who writes under the name Educator Barnes, has written for other books.

Book Reviews for BRaVe Brothers Books

Joint Book My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure & Ghost Text Book Review by Weronika, blogger of Multicultural Motherhood


Jeremiah does a good job explaining the whole holiday from the journey to their cabin to the amazing places they explored during their stay. I enjoyed the references he made to his family’s feelings, such as when he talked about his mother not being happy that they had left late or how a lot of adults in the car park looked mad because they didn’t have any change to pay for parking. He then went on to tell us about his father taking some of his birthday money to buy a car parking ticket. This made me chuckle because I sometimes do it too!

Ghost Text Amazon Reviews

Ghost Text & My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure Book Review by The Molly Weather


Pros: Has well done pictures, horror chapter book with black main characters, it is a modern horror (text messaging), the idea around horror (reasoning and etc) was interesting, black male friendship, the author is an eight year old who wrote this

Ghost Text Book Review by DeColonize the Mind

James J. Barnes won’t be nine years old until 2020.

He has written a book called ‘Ghost Text’.
It is a scary and well written book that any 3rd or 4th grader will enjoy reading.

My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure Book Review by DeColonize the Mind


Jeremiah J. Barnes wrote a fun-filled travel adventure story. The author was eight years old when he wrote it. This book, complete with pictures taken by the family, is an excellent example for young students to follow.

My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure Amazon Reviews

Book Reviews by our CEO

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