First Grade Author’s Visit

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, I left my third grade classroom to go to Mrs. Smith’s room. She was my second grade teacher last year. Now, she teaches first grade. I went inside, and she explained what I was going to do. She said to get any chair and sit down. Then, she said to start reading. Before I read my book, Ghost Text, she paid me for a copy of my book. She over paid me. I had to give her five dollars in change. After that, I read chapter 1 and 2 of my book. I didn’t enjoy reading my book as much because I sometimes messed up my words or forgot where I stopped reading. I need to practice reading my book aloud more.

When I was finished reading chapter 1 and 2, Mrs. Smith asked the first graders if they had any questions. One of them asked if I drew the pictures. I said my mom hired an illustrator to draw the pictures for me. When I was leaving, they wanted to read more of my book. I had to go, and I said bye. I wished I could have read to kindergarten after reading to first grade.

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